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Your trip is in safe hands when you plan with qualified, professional travel advisors. You'll work with a dedicated specialist throughout the planning and booking, right up to the time you come home. 

Each time you plan & book with us you can select the right level of service to match your travel style.

You'll get the most personalized experience by scheduling an appointment, but you can always find planning suggestions and community recommendations in our Travel Society forum.

Rates are based on double occupancy with the exception of Groups. All Services are subject to applicable taxes, view each Service for inclusions.

  • Start planning with a complimentary 1-on-1 session!

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  • From detailed itinerary planning to hyper-personalized experiences

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How long does it take to build a quote?

Our team aims to be as quick as possible to ensure you have the best chance to secure available rooms and experiences. That can sometimes mean an almost instant response where you've requested a specific sailing or tour departure date, but it can also take a little longer to communicate with the right businesses hosting you during your trip. Expect a few days to turn your request into a fully bookable itinerary, it can take longer where availability is low or if your travel dreams are particularly complex! Your dedicated advisor will communicate an approximate time before they start working on your trip plans, but you'll be notified if there's any unforeseen delay or if your planning looks to be taking longer than we'd expect.

What is the STEP program and why is it important?

The US Department of State's Smarter Traveler Enrollment Program (S.T.E.P.) is an important part of protecting yourself and your travel companions while you're enjoying any vacation outside of the US. By registering a rough overview of your itinerary to the relevant consular affairs bureau, it is meant to result in quicker support for you if you need help with a lost or stolen passport. More critically, in the event of an emergency, your enrollment provides the local embassy or consulate with an increased awareness that you might be in need of support or care and where they should start looking if they need to contact you or to deliver assistance. Note that the program is available only to US citizens.

Which currencies do you accept?

The Services and other products available directly on our site are available in US$ only. Typically, our selected cruise lines and tour operators have priced their travel products for you in US$. However, some of the best itineraries involve small, local businesses based in the destinations you'd most like to experience. These small businesses are not always equipped to handle international currencies and we may need to consider alternate payment methods to secure your experience. In any instance where there may be differing currencies involved you will be notified in advance and given all available opportunities to address your needs.

What is the STEP program equivalent for Canadian citizens?

The Government of Canada website for Canadian citizens wishing to register a trip abroad is found at this link here. Odyssean Travel is unfortunately no longer able to offer this service on behalf of our clients as it requires a personal login and the acceptance of specified privacy terms.

Can you book any hotel for my trip?

We welcome your trip extension, such as an exploration of Machu Picchu following your Galapagos cruise or a few extra days in Prague before your river cruise of the Danube! As we maintain a stringent selection process of our cruise and tour partners, we can often arrange curated pre or post-extensions in conjunction with your itinerary. Our clients come to us for special or unique experiences. Where your travel dreams do not include a cruise or an escorted tour, we only offer the most exclusive properties in exciting destinations you might not otherwise experience. During 2021 and 2022 we are offering select luxury boutique properties across island destinations such as Maldives, Galapagos, or unique highlights of more classic destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, or right here at home in the USA.

I'm not ready book, but I do have some questions. Who can help me?

You're always welcome to schedule a 1-to-1 appointment with a completely risk-free, no-commitment Discovery Session - even if your trip ideas are very undeveloped and you have a lot of questions to ask. That's the point of trusting a Professional Travel Advisor: You get answers to questions from real people who love cruise & travel, but who also have an amazing wealth of experience in their own personal travel and in supporting countless clients explore the world their own way. You may not get all the answers you need in the 30-minute session, or you may have some super specific questions which require a little research, but we try to be as helpful as possible and welcome you to try us out! You're also welcome to join our Travel Society and to field your questions in our forum. Travel Society | Destination Discovery There you'll find a whole team of professional advisors capable of recommending a great time of year, an exclusive experience, or to point you in the right direction for your plans. But you'll also find a community of enthusiasts ready to share their own experience, without any of the politics or aggression you'd find on social media and other planning platforms.

I need a flight, can you help me?

Our clients value choice and the opportunity to redeem loyalty rewards points or to seek airfares with airlines which do not work with travel agencies. With increasing frequency we see consumer protections for airfare purchases which are less supportive when booking through a third-party. We want you to have the best support for your trip and the option to redeem those points or to fly with the airline you prefer. You're always free to secure your own airfare when you book with us. If you prefer to have your dedicated advisor secure your flights, we only offer this service in conjunction with certain cruise or escorted tour itineraries, or as private jet charter. While we're not always able to include flights, your advisor can typically suggest an option for a comfortable route. We don't offer flights-only bookings.

Can you book any cruise line or tour operator?

Your vacation is special and you yourself may have unique needs while you're away from home. We also want the unexpected to play a part of your vacation with us, we just prefer those surprises to be positive, memory making experiences and not stressful encounters. Our clients trust us to guide them to great trip experiences, and to book with cruise lines and tour operators they can trust to support them in achieving their travel dreams. That means we only work with a select few businesses, to better forge and maintain relationships which support you and your trip success. We have a stringent criteria for selection of those exclusive partnerships and constantly review the process. We want them to provide you with a consistent experience. Ultimately, that means we might not be able to book with the supplier you've requested. We'll try our best to suggest a similar experience with a supplier we know and trust or to put you in touch with a helpful resource, so you can plan the right trip for you.

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