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Inner Loop vs Outer Loop

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The Galápagos has been a special place for far longer than recorded history, but the islands are perhaps most well known in the English-speaking world because of the work of Charles Darwin. Having spent much time intrigued by the minute differences among populations of wildlife, the islands have left their mark on humanity through his work on speciation.

The natural world is still what draws visitors to this day and the unique needs of this incredible archipelago drive modern cruise itineraries.

In order to minimise the impact of human interest (that's you, the visitor!) the islands feature heavily regulated permit-only access and cruise itineraries are rotated on a weekly basis . That means a different set of destinations on alternate weeks to better preserve the local environment.

In simplest terms, the Celebrity Flora's Inner and Outer Loop itineraries are planned to help guests to experience as much of the wildlife as possible. The main difference being the Inner Loop more readily featuring the red-footed booby and the Outer Loop featuring the waved albatross.

The Galápagos are a year-round destination, but remember that the wildlife we cherish is indeed wild. That's part of the excitement, it makes each animal sighting special and a very personal experience.


For your convenience, we've reduced the itineraries to a more simple format and placed them side by side, so they may be directly compared. Should you have further questions, one of our professional travel advisors would happily field some questions or spend some time discussing your travel dreams to the beautiful Galápagos Islands

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