We value our community's privacy, integrity, and encourage high-quality discussion in a friendly, welcoming environment. We can't achieve this without your help and without your adherence to the following suggestions and Code of Conduct:


Our site, including the Travel Forum and any areas welcoming comment or user generated content, is intended for personal use only and is designed to help you make better travel plans while encouraging our community of Explorers and other fans of our brands to learn from one another and share in memory making opportunities across the globe. 

We want you to enjoy more memorable travel while allowing opportunity to make new friends and maybe even find new travel companions! To learn about exciting new places, get or give a recommendation on a cruise itinerary, join a group or start your own, and generally the types of exciting things that come with the planning and execution of travel among a community of like-minded travel enthusiasts.

We ask that you share with positive intent and to post only high quality content. In order to help maintain a high standard of trust and relevance in the Forum community, as with our Terms of Use, we require all accounts are verified in order to maintain your site access and use.


Although we cannot make guarantees about the content shared by others, verified accounts help maintain a high quality of content on our Forum and elsewhere on our site while reducing the presence of false, misleading, or even spam content.

Any account or access you apply must include your real name and will be verified or removed promptly where we are unable to verify account ownership. We require all accounts to be verified in a timely manner through submission of relevant travel documentation or other identity verification we may employ. 

Once your account has been verified and you gain access to the site's Forum and Explorer community pages you will have the option of completing a profile to better engage with the community. You are not required to complete a profile, but if you choose to do so we require a true likeness. It's hard to give friendly suggestions for a tour to a picture of a landscape or to trust the cruise recommendations of a cartoon, you know?

Select regions of the Forum featuring a lock symbol indicate permission based access and that the content is obscured from public visibility. Although access may be an Advantage of a paid subscription or reward from collecting the appropriate badges, it may also simply indicate a private discussion or trip planning area. You may request a new permission-only category or subcategory at any time. This is meant to provide some element of privacy in planning real travel via an online community, but we still recommend vigilance over what personal or secure information you share. 

Never share payment details of any sort via the Forum or any communications related to the Forum. We will never ask you for payment or secure personal information via the Forum; we will only ever ask you for payment details in regard to an active travel plan for a booking you have initiated. Please contact us immediately if you have received any solicitation for such information or if you believe the integrity of your account has been compromised.

Although there may be certain posts and areas of the Forum featuring themes of a commercial nature or promotions regarding the sale of travel, it is not with commercial intent that we make the platform available and we do require that you do not make any solicitations of any kind without our prior written consent.

You agree to do your best to ensure the contributions you make are accurate, relevant, and safe.

We wish to maintain the integrity of the information delivered on the Forum and may require you to provide references or evidence toward any contribution you make if it appears to be incorrect, incomplete, overly subjective in nature or otherwise misleading; you may simply be asked to clarify a comment or response, but we encourage you to continue the full conversation on the Forum rather than linking your contributions off site.

At present we don't prevent off site links but strongly discourage them. Where they are relevant, they must refer to reputable websites which feature only high value content. Forum admins and moderators will delete any and all contributions which include low value links; posting affiliate links or deploying tracking measures into a link will result in an immediate block on your account.

You understand and agree that any pricing shared in the Forum is for information purposes only and is designed to help you and other travellers build a better understanding of any travel plans or contemplation toward a travel purchase. At no time is such value information to be considered a quote. Any actual booking requires a formal quote and is subject to availability and pricing at the time of payment, subject to the terms relevant to any purchase or component thereof.

You understand and agree that any promotional material present in the Forum is for information purposes only and is designed to help you and other travellers build a better understanding of what offers or trends may be available from time to time and is subject to the specific terms of such promotions. 

You alone are responsible for the content and contributions you provide. You agree to distribute only that material which you have the full and correct authority and permissions to so do and that your contributions adhere to the rule of law, including copyright or intellectual property.

Finally, we ask that you keep the language clean and that you respect others. In addition to harassment, sexual content, violent content, hate content, and the like, we ask that you do not post anything political unless it is relevant to the safety or enjoyment of a would-be visitor to a foreign country. For example, letting someone know that there is a political protest in Bangkok or outlining helpful tips for the LGBT community when visiting Egypt is not only helpful, but encouraged. Conversely, complaints about a political party or any generalization of a community will result in the deletion of your post.

Any violation of the Code of Conduct may lead to the withdrawal of your privileges to access or contribute to the Forum. Repeat offences will result in the termination of your Explorer account and the possible forfeit of any Advantages you may have applied to redeem. Although such termination will not affect any travel you have booked through us, outstanding subscription fees or booking costs will be collected or processed as necessary to complete any booking. You shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription fees in part or in full in such circumstances.




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