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Great Stirrup Cay


A rather large example of cruise line private islands in the Bahamas, Norwegian Cruise Lines purchased the 268 acre island from an oil company in 1977 and has been upgrading its status as a must-see destination ever since.

A well-established cruise destination where you don't have to worry about taking in the sights or even doing much of anything, if you don't feel like it! There is, however, a great variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy if you prefer to stay active during your call to port!

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Planning Your Cruise

Cabana rentals, snorkelling and jet skiing, sea kayak rentals, and more. As the site has enjoyed more than 40 years of development with Norwegian Cruise Lines, there is an awful lot to see and do here. Cruise guests will also enjoy some extension of certain amenities while relaxing on the island.

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What to do in Port

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