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An eternal destination which tops the travel lists of many, many people. The island chain was once known as the Sandwich Islands and is not only the longest island chain in the world (2,451km/1,523 miles) but also the furthest island chain from any large land mass! Local language includes a glottal stop or 'okina - Hawai'i!

There are 6 main islands visitors tend to frequent, but not simply because they are popular but moreover, they are the only ones with practical or legal access to tourists. Which one will you explore, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, or the "Big Island" of Hawaii? They've all got their own local flair, keep exploring to figure out for yourself which one is for you!

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Planning your cruise

From filming locations to wildlife & hiking, there's an overwhelming variety of things to see and do among the islands. If you've time to visit Kauai, make sure you get on a helicopter or small plane to really enjoy the views. Likewise, sunrises and sunsets among beaches and secret coves or enjoyed from the peak of a crater in Haleakala... Hawaii also has world-class diving.

There is only one dedicated ship based in Hawaii, Norwegian's Pride of America. Other vessels must embark from the West Coast of North America or elsewhere around the Pacific. That can mean several days at sea, do plan well in those instances to stay entertained!

Do you have a specific experience in mind? If you're looking forward to enjoying something yourself, chances are that others will be, too! The best way to get the cruise you really want is to book early.

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