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MSC Divina

MSC Cruises

One of the latest Fantasia Class vessels from MSC Cruises, the ship set many standards for future builds, including those of the Seaside Class. Odyssean Travel's own Shy had opportunity to explore this ship during 2017, dining might be a contentious forte!

On board you'll find commissioned art work in the MSC Yacht Club while all guests can marvel at the Swarovski crystal staircases and real stone flooring of the piazza. Mediterranean lifestyle in the Caribbean.

Planning your cruise

Do you have a specific experience in mind? If you're looking forward to enjoying something yourself, chances are that others will be, too! The best way to get the cruise you really want is to book early.

Dress Code

MSC boasts a rather simple set of guidelines for their sailings, with casual dress being the bulk of your necessary packing. Expect 1-2 formal "Gala" nights, with 2 being more for week-long itineraries. You'll likely be most comfortable with some casual dress for the day, including flip-flops for the pool decks, but something closer to country club casual for evenings. Themed nights are frequent and fun! Floral patterns or various colour-themed events occur on many sailings, think 70s or White Party! As with many modern cruise lines, expect to keep the swim wear out of the dining rooms and that you'll need footwear and a top for anything off the pool deck.


For most itineraries, expect a daily rate of US$12.50 per person for those 12 and over, US$6.25 for children 2 and up. Fleetwide, MSC does not charge a service fee for infants under the age of 2. Age is typically measured from the time of final disembarkation. Select itineraries, including certain MSC Grand Voyages or MSC World Cruises, in particular, Southbound itineraries, feature a daily rate in euros of €10 per person for guests 12 and up, €5 per person for children 2 and up.

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