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After Santorini, Mykonos is probably the most famous island of Greece when it comes to travel and tourism. Keep an eye out for variations of the spelling, including "Mikonos". While the views don't enjoy the same spectacular elevations as those in Santorini, the buildings are equally colorful and possibly offer more variation, if we're honest. You'll find plenty of opportunities to snag a great photo to complement the making of great memories. There are interesting boutiques and galleries all throughout the shopping areas of Mykonos Town (Chora) and you can really get some great food here.

Families and couples seeking a romantic beach destination with a great social atmosphere might enjoy Mykonos, there's also a thriving LGBT scene here. Don't worry if you didn't come to party, it's not obligatory if you're seeking something quieter.

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Planning Your Cruise

Mykonos and its northern coasts in particular can be a bit breezy, don't plan on getting here on an inter-island ferry. Instead, plan your island escape well or simply include Mykonos in your cruise itinerary request. There are several cruise lines offering a late departure and even overnight calls to port in Mykonos.

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