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Galapagos Islands

Purpose-built for the Galapagos, the Flora was designed with panoramic views of the islands in mind and to provide guests the best opportunity to blend relaxation on board with a helpful dash of learning, while the itineraries and included excursions help make it easy to discover the local wildlife, known for its unique influence on how we understand the world around us. That also means an environmental aspect, with refillable water stations and reduced emissions just part of the story. Celebrity had to retire some of its local fleet in order to maintain the reduced visitor numbers necessary in preserving the endemic ecology.

With so many inclusions to the cruise fare, there's an awful lot of value to be enjoyed. On board lectures, guides and naturalists on hand for excursions, redesigned zodiacs, and more. Choose from one of two itineraries, both the Inner and Outer Loop provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities and exist as part of the preservation protocol.

Practical Information
Dress Code

During days where guests will be enjoying one of the included excursions, priority for staying dry and protected from the sun should be considered. While there are no formal nights on the Flora, you may feel more comfortable dressing country club casual during evenings and at dining times, with trousers and collared shirts for men, blouses or skirts for women. Note that the dining room will not permit bare feet, flip-flops, robes, t-shirts or tank tops, or baseball caps.


Gratuities are included in the cruise fare, including ship board staff such as dining, housekeeping, attendants, and even your concierge. Guides and naturalists are also included among beneficiaries of the inclusive gratuities.

Ship's Registry Guayaquil, Ecuador

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