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My name is Shylar Bredewold, please call me Shy. It's a professional organization here at Odyssean Travel, but fun and exploration are at the heart of what we've been building. That means first names are great and we can spend more time focusing on all the great things you're going to see and do during your next vacation.

I am a multiple award winner for my efforts and leadership in travel, but it's such a great industry I still feel like I have to pinch myself for being able to take part at all! I hold a fair few cruise and travel supplier qualifications, although these days I mainly work with group travel and the luxury elements of client needs for the business as a whole. I've worked really hard to ensure the rest of the team are at the peak of their game, able to deliver the best itineraries because of their knowledge and experience. Don't worry though, they're all friendly and super approachable. I invite you to give me a call or engage with any of us in the Travel Forum to start exploring all the great thing you're going to do on your next trip. You may simply want to share your thoughts on a great experience or encourage others to push the boundaries on their own comfort zones with something amazing. I would welcome your ideas.

My all time favourite destinations often feature a lot of opportunity to seek out and view wildlife, do a bit of scuba diving, or just take in a great view. While I have been on more safaris and game drives than I can count, luxury cruise or relaxation by the beach might have become more of a personal priority now that I'm married. In particular, following my own destination wedding in Saint Lucia during 2018.

I truly hope this website provides answers to your most significant travel questions and generally helps you plan a better trip. There is no value in travel if not for the people we meet and the experiences we enjoy, I'm so pleased to play even a small part in changing the world through travel. I hope you too can find the opportunity to grow your own perspective of the world and live a more full life, making lifelong memories with family & friends.

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