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More about Mexico

One of our most popular destinations for people seeking sun and sand on their vacation, but don't forget there's a rich history and plenty of culture to soak up while you're there. Pyramids and cenotes in the jungle, ornate churches in sprawling cities, food, art, and plenty more to explore.

While Cancun is often the first place people think of when they think "Mexico", we like Tulum for its luxury & wellness alongside other regions of the Riviera Maya for their beaches and relaxation. Check out Akumal for sea turtles! The Pacific coastal regions too have great choices for a couples getaway or family vacation.

Practical information

Visas & travel documents

We recommend everyone planning a trip visits their government travel site for the latest information relevant to their trip:


Remember that this information can change at any time.

Please note that government guidelines may not represent the additional requirements of your airline or cruise transportation. If your passport is due to expire in the 6 months following your intended return home you risk being denied boarding / embarkation.

Tourists visiting from Canada and the US who are arriving via air or as part of a cruise itinerary will require a valid passport with free pages and at least 6 months validity beyond your intended date of departure. You will receive an immigration card as part of your conditions to enter, the duration of validity will be determined at the time of entry by the customs representatives present but cannot exceed 180 days without a full visa application.

Mexico is popular throughout the year, with the most sought after periods beginning in mid-December and lasting through March. Summer months may also be popular with families as it coincides with school holidays. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from April through to November, with the most active periods falling in early September. You shouldn't have any difficulty visiting during these periods, just be sure you have a robust travel insurance policy in place to protect your trip.

When to visit


Driving in Mexico occurs on the right hand side of the road. Visitors from Canada and the US may not require an international driver's permit, but it can help you if you do need to rent a vehicle or any issue regarding road traffic encounters whilst driving. We recommend strongly against driving outside of daylight hours and to be prepared for a vastly different driving experience in general. Best to stick to professional transportation in most instances.

Getting there

By air

Popular destinations such as Cancun and Mexico City have their own conveniently located airports. If you're headed to Riviera Maya you may find all-inclusive packages fly onto Cancun (CUN) and provide a transfer south to your resort area, this can add a couple of hours to your journey. It's very much worth the added time, just factor it in when selecting your flight schedule.

By land

We recommend strongly against attempting to drive into Mexico. There may be some small exceptions to border areas of Tijuana and local driving during daylight hours, but you are safest being transported with a reputable company.

By sea

Cruise options for Mexico are plentiful, with many centered on the popular resort locations of the Gulf or Yucatan Peninsula, such as Cancun, Costa Maya, or Cozumel. But there are often overlooked ports on the Pacific side, such as Cabo, Manzanillo, and Puerto Vallarta.


Content is intended for information and planning purposes only. While we try our best to deliver accurate and current information, some items may not be as described. Please contact your Odyssean Travel advisor for further details.

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