3 Considerations for your Travel this Hurricane Season

3 Considerations for your Travel this Hurricane Season

First up, don't panic!

Unless you're exposed to some immediate potential damage or injury, you will be better served with thoughtful consideration versus some of the rash actions we've heard tale of during this seemingly unending season.

In all seriousness

If you are suffering immediate threat or danger, please stop reading and contact your local embassy, consulate, or global affairs representative immediately -> Canada | US | UK

We've summed it all up to 3 points

This is a heavy topic, but we also understand the need for brevity and your desire for concise, relevant information, so we've elected to highlight what we view as important and impactful.

1. Is the scale of the damage real and insurmountable to your vacation plans at this time?

It's really possible that we're just not seeing enough news coverage to make informed decisions: Might you lose your deposit or even a whole holiday by making your decisions based on the loose collection of social media "news", showcasing the region's damage?

In the case of Antigua, for example, the inclement weather simply brought a welcome end to their recent drought as their preparations held fast against Irma. This news doesn't make headlines, but you'll have heard plenty about Barbuda...

Are your choices limited right now?

If your travel plans are after 01 November 2017 (relevant at the time of writing), you may find yourself with few choices for low-cost changes offered by your travel supplier.

Again, making a poorly considered change or even cancellation may lead to unexpected costs or even the unnecessary loss of your holiday!

Now is certainly the time to pose relevant questions to the entity through which you organised your travel and to include such questions if you're considering the Caribbean in the near future.

Contact your travel professional and ask relevant questions!

2. What coverage have you got?

We recommend everyone travels with an adequate insurance policy.

For those who have already achieved coverage or plan to use that of a credit card or employment-related plan, do you have a thorough understanding of the limits or potential points of exposure in your policy?

Even if you aren't affected today, take this opportunity and be inspired to review your existing policy.

If in doubt, now is again the time to speak to your provider or to seek out a qualified professional. Here at Odyssean Travel we can properly consult on our Manulife and CSA plans and policies, for example.

Contact your travel professional and ask relevant questions!

3. Can you continue to plan a vacation to the Caribbean?

This is our last consideration for you today, but perhaps the most meaningful.

Some devastation is real, economies including Puerto Rica and the Dominican Republic may be looking at an arduous path to full recovery. (Remember not to panic)

Travel can be a big investment, we understand - life is about balance.

The Caribbean needs you

But if you're looking to enjoy happy new memories of future travel, the Caribbean's path to recovery will become that much shorter with your continued business.

What we ask is that you at least pose the right questions when it comes time to plan your vacation. Make informed choices that suit your travel needs, but perhaps allow some room for consideration for the places which absolutely need your travel investment.

Just like your travel dreams, there is no blanket answer we can provide via our Tips blog that would sufficiently satisfy everyone's needs.

We simply ask that you don't put that same blanket on your holiday plans, allowing the Caribbean the best possible chance to again thrive!

Have a specific question you'd like answered about your travel plans? Write us HERE, but don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on the latest in travel news and promotions.

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