3 Reasons this year is the year to visit Costa Rica

3 Reasons this year is the year to visit Costa Rica

As a child I loved Jurassic Park.

Although l was thoroughly entertained by the '93 blockbuster, I'm referring to the exciting novel based around the misfortune that comes from trying to control life itself.

For those of you who weren't so interested or just don't remember, the story's plot revolved around a fictitious island off Costa Rica's coast, Isla Nublar.

What inspired your Costa Rica travel dream?

With real-world biodiversity of seemingly unfair proportions and no real military, it does seem to have the fundamental attributes critical to hosting a great fiction.

Now dormant volcanos, the jungle alarm clock (howler monkeys), something like 10% of the world's butterfly species, and more...

There is a very real danger that you'll learn to surf

Costa Rica enjoys stretches of coastline on both the Caribbean and the Pacific, but it is in Tamarindo where many people get their feet wet, or so to speak.

Maybe you've never considered getting up on a board, but there's equal chance you've just been put off by the power of the ocean or your impressions of other surfing communities...

Surfing is really accessible here and you'll have burned plenty of energy among the waves.

Shake off with a well-deserved local coffee, refreshing cocktail, or even a few tasty treats, including the phenomenal fried cheeses.

You might just like our Quick Trips video before we get to the depressing part (below)

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And the bad news reason you should visit soon?

Our small, blue planet has been going through all manner of changes, some at an accelerated rate during the past decade.

Costa Rica may also experience some accelerated change over the coming years as the region takes on a greater number of all-inclusive style resorts and hotel options.

It remains to be seen what the happy balance will be five years from now. Expect some shifts that may exacerbate a few Costa Rican travel themes that are already questionable in value:

Driving a rental car remains tied to inflated, mandatory rental coverage, the higher costs of which can sometimes creep into the fares of taxis and other transportation.

Not sure who came up with the pricing structure in Liberia's airport, but the low quality food / unfair high prices can best be explained with this deal (see right).

What does that mean for future travellers?

Will an increase in deal-seeking foreigners lead to increased competition and lower prices of services?

Or will an increase in tourist numbers result in higher prices owing to increased demand?

Looking to make the most of your time in Costa Rica?

How about trying out a well-priced all-inclusive before the market hits peak?

Time to request your quote!

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