30 Second Travel: Mexico City

30 Second Travel: Mexico City

You're in Mexico City - but for how long? The practicalities surrounding modern travel mean that many travellers visiting Mexico might never get to Mexico City.

Mexico City is huge.

If you do find yourself with a long stop-over, hidden city itinerary, or even a short business trip, take thirty seconds to enjoy our suggestions for cost-effective day-trips.

I like / don't like art, is the Palacio for me?

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is located only a few kilometres from the airport, but traffic will dictate how much time you can devote to your visit.

There's obviously plenty to see inside, but the area around the building has much to offer, particularly to the east.

Stay out of the streets bordering the north of the park

Even in the day, we'd recommend you steer your visit toward the east and south sides of the park. Limit your need for awareness to pickpocketing and just enjoy a regular adventure this time.

Enjoy the post office at the north-east corner and send a postcard to someone important or just enjoy the ornate structure inside and take a little peak at organised chaos - they still sort mail by hand here.

How about a coffee with a view?

Across the street, hidden on the eighth floor of Sears (yep, Sears), there is a decent cafe with a better than decent view. Take twenty minutes and enjoy, longer if you can find shade.

What else is nearby?

From the park and surrounding area, you can easily wander east along a number of larger streets that offer street-level art and second hand type shops.

Although the books are catered for a Spanish-speaking audience, you'll have a great selection of postcards and other small, hand luggage sized pieces to enjoy.

What about James Bond?

The city's main square lies only a short distance further east and features a bustling outdoor area alongside the quiet inside the Leaning Church.

Also known as the Loreto Church, it is an active place of worship so be mindful if you do elect to take a peak inside.

And yes, the square is where the opening scene of Spectre was filmed. Unless you're a huge fan of the franchise you might have difficulty identifying which building collapsed in the film.

I want food! Just get me to Mexico already!

There's also the busy market space of Coyoacán where you can enjoy some more traditional dining al fresco or taste the sweet & savory in the market area.

Another frequented site for locals and featuring a beautiful church, there is some particularly fine penmanship to be seen in the artists' stalls.

What about outside of town?

There are plenty more monuments and little districts that might warrant attention, but if you're after something less city-like, we can make two such recommendations for a pleasurable day trip.

The Pyramid of the Sun

Just outside the city lies a set of pyramids undergoing some excavation and restoration from earlier archeological exploits. Although you can still climb both of the larger monuments, one of the two main pyramids is missing a few stories owing to enthusiastic practices of the past.

There is an appropriately sized museum to compliment the views, adding some regional history and pointing out the otherwise missed significance of the ancient site.

Got kids with you? You might also consider trying your hand at jaguar calls...

The mountain town of Tepoztlán was by far our favourite

With great views both in and out of town, alongside delightful restaurants with equally tasty food, it's easy to recognise why many Mexican people choose to holiday in the area.

A little further from the city centre than the pyramids. We'd recommend you commit to an early morning and enjoy the ascent of nearby cliff faces with time to spare. There are plenty of well-decorated dining options or even cactus ice cream if you just want a treat.

Are we missing a favourite of yours? Get in touch and tell us all about your experience, we love sharing!

Better yet, want to see more of Mexico yourself? Contact us today and find out how you too can climb the Pyramid of the Sun or try the best guacamole you'll ever taste.

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