After hours at the Miami Seaquarium

After hours at the Miami Seaquarium

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

It's no small irony that since I opened Odyssean Travel in 2016, my personal travel has taken a back seat to the operations of a busy travel agency. I travel less frequently now than at any other time during the preceding 12 years!

Are you home office bound? Then you know the struggle

And while I'm no stranger to the home office environment, it can be a double-edged sword. It's nice to avoid the daily commute, for example, but balance that against a distinct drop in the frequency of in-person interactions with colleagues; Small, day to day exchanges which most of us take for granted as part of the enjoyment of life.

Unless you're hanging on at a workplace you truly loathe, you've probably got a best bud at work or a co-worker you look forward to seeing during your own version of the 9-5.

Humans are social animals, after all

I do get out to a very healthy number of industry events, but even a weekly supplier function or meetup with a colleague isn't a lot of social time when we humans thrive on just spending time with other humans!

When we can't enjoy socializing so much, we tend to find ways of enjoying those small moments of free time or distraction from our tasks. I supplement this time at home with an old hobby I couldn't enjoy while living a more nomadic existence...

I keep fish. I'm a fish nerd.

My home office features a fantastically interesting little reef aquarium. At least, I think it's

fantastically interesting. My wife (and our Chief Fun Officer, Holly) didn't really think much of it at first, but soon came to love the antics of small creatures many people might not even notice when they do a bit of snorkelling on vacation.

The surprising social effects of my new fish nerd status includes me spending more time engaging with others who share the hobby.

It's simple, we meet up and talk about fish stuff. I don't have to talk about business but simply enjoy something I find relaxing - basically the definition of a hobby!

When your hobbies include travel and aquariums, the Miami Seaquarium is a win

Which led to Holly and myself tagging along with the Florida Marine Aquarium Society on their recent private tour of the Miami Seaquarium during an after-hours experience.

Did you know Miami is now an inclusive destination?

Some of the highlights included...

Travelling and hobbies

Some people might list "travel" as among their hobbies, certainly among interests. It's pretty easy to imagine enjoying travel whilst travelling then!

Others might involve a great deal of heavy or specialised equipment, making them rather impractical to enjoy on the road, but which may involve travel in order to visit destinations or events where people can come together and share or perhaps investigate some history of the activity.

But what about those hobbies which really lend themselves well to the theme of travel? Think bird watching, scuba diving, painting perhaps - what about dining or language? Maybe you follow a sports team?

Tell us what you think, would you consider a trip just to enjoy a recreational activity or to investigate a specific personal interest?

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