Art & Travel: A Cultural Odyssey

Art & Travel: A Cultural Odyssey

Earlier this year, Odyssean Travel had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting an almost overwhelming number of people in the Markham community.

Art and travel are very complimentary

Gallery owners, Aaron and Fei, of Art Hub / the Winged Canvas, were kind enough to allow me to set up as pop-up co-host as we crossed guest lists for both the VIP curation and the public events which followed.

Inspired by travels through South and South East Asia, Europe, and even eastern Canada, it was fantastic to see Fei's impressions manifest as colourful paintings and, in turn, the appreciation by those who attended the event.

We talked a lot of travel.

Renown Master Painter Enyi Lu was the guest of honour

What I wasn't to know, was that her grandfather and star of the show, Enyi Lu, was actually a renown artist of The Party in his younger years, prior to leaving China.

It was a pleasure to watch Enyi apply finishing strokes to his latest work (above), although my personal favourite was a piece depicting different qualities of light against a banyan tree. A picture would do it no justice and you'll just have to see for yourself when you visit the gallery!

Want to go to the Winged Canvas?

For those of you wanting to visit, find the gallery online through this link here or look them up on social media.

Has art inspired your travel? Are you an artist yourself?

We'd love to hear from you and include something inspiring or a story of being inspired, anything to get more people out in the world, seeing and experiencing more!

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