Coming soon, the Odyssey of the Seas

Coming soon, the Odyssey of the Seas

Cruise news today comes in small slices representing a much larger endeavour. Having cut the first piece of steel, the next Quantum Ultra Class ship is officially underway and its name has been revealed to the public for the first time.

Odyssey, we like it!

The Odyssey of the Seas (we like it here at Odyssean Travel) will debut sometime in autumn of 2020 and is destined to sail from a yet-to-be-named port in the United States. With the recent completion of Royal Caribbean's incredible home terminal at Port of Miami, I can't help but wonder if that's the smartest guess for a future home port.

We enjoyed a sail-by of the new terminal as it neared completion in November 2018

What is a Quantum Ultra Class ship?

I like to think of the Quantum Ultra Class as a sort of Quantum.50, ever so slightly larger than their quasi-sister ships of the Quantum Class - 168,800 gross tons vs 168,666 gross tons.

We're asking you to book a balcony for your own safety

They also appear to share a signature look in their mobile-arm suspended 360-viewing deck, the "North Star". More news to be released later this year, I'm sure some secrets will be spilled when the first Quantum Ultra Class ship, the Spectrum of the Seas debuts later this year.

Looking to join in the celebration of Royal Caribbean's 50th anniversary? Want to be the first to sail on the Odyssey or to explore Asia on the Spectrum? Request your own unique quote now

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