Happy Birthday to Us | A Year in Review

Happy Birthday to Us | A Year in Review

For those of you who weren't aware, today marks the official end of our first year of service and the beginning of our second - just in time to celebrate the holiday season and head into a whole new year of travel!

Some interesting facts about us, compliments of you, our fans and clientele

We've sent clients to the corners of the globe, including destinations throughout North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and even a few of you further afield into the Middle East and Oceania!

24 Countries in Total

While 24 countries out of 195 is only scratching the surface (and we're aware, the raging debate we're starting by selecting an arbitrary 195)...

We're wondering where it is you're going in 2018??? We're really excited to get some of you on a safari to Africa or an expedition cruise to the Galapagos or...

You've spent an awful lot of time soaking up the sun

You are most likely to visit Cuba or Thailand, but we suspect the sun might compliment the culture and food or historic architecture of Italy as a close third place!

You're an adventurous lot, with plenty of time in the air and on the water

While most of you opted to fly to your destination and enjoyed excursions by bus, bike, and scooter...

There are a healthy and growing number of you who are travelling by boat, and not just the large, ocean-faring vessels.

River cruising has been our favourite growth category in 2017, but look forward to an explosive offering in our cruise category from January!

What's next for all of us?

We're unbelievably excited for 2018 and the advent of more travel.

Look out for advances in the number and breadth of services we aim to streamline and automate for your convenience in the near future.

We've already added a search function to the website to allow you quicker access to the content you want, but that was perhaps the first and simplest step.

Visa services, YouTube Channel content, and a more engaging Q&A / Social profile...

Despite hurricanes in the Caribbean, volcanoes in Indonesia, and any number of political uncertainties, you've continued to show us how important travel is to you.

With one further, humble reminder to ourselves: We couldn't have had any such success in our first year without you, our Odyssean Travellers.

Thank you.

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