Inca Trail Permit Change

Inca Trail Permit Change

Trail permits have been released early for the 2018 hiking season.

Are Machu Picchu and hiking the Inca Trail in your travel dreams next year?

Now's your chance if you're hoping to see some of this with your own eyes...

With extremely limited availability, you might consider this a double-edged sword of opportunity - you can plan earlier, but the permits may sell out earlier too.

We've adapted a schedule of permit releases for 2018 (below), but feel free to visit the official site and have a look at some of the more specific permit rules (schedule in Spanish) here.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to depart with a tour group if you would like less stress in planning, just make sure you book with an experienced, professional tour company.

For those of you seeking a bit of an adventure experience and don't need the fuss or frills, we recommend both award winning On The Go Tours and Canada's own, G Adventures.

A high-quality, family adventure can be found by booking your experience with the incredible, Adventures by Disney. Disney also caters to adults quite well, so don't let the cartoon history mislead your initial impressions.

Why not pair your trip with a journey to the exotic Galapagos Islands?

Finally, luxury and true all-inclusive catering can be found with Tauck Tours. Pair your hike with a tour of the exotic Galapagos Islands and enjoy exclusive, custom vignettes produced by BBC Earth natural history experts.

Have a question or ready to request your quote? Achieve your travel dreams in 2018!

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