Meeting your Special Needs at Sea

Meeting your Special Needs at Sea

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The cruise industry was among the first to embrace the era of change following the 1990 signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

85 Million+ people across the US and Canada

Now, leading the way abroad, or so to speak, the largest and fastest growing market segment of travel caters specifically to those who have health concerns, chronic disability, or simply finding it more difficult to get around in later years.

This often includes many of the more than 74 million people in the US and 11 million in Canada who we often classify as Baby Boomers

You have more options than ever

We're simply looking to bring back the joy of travel to those who would like to enjoy the family holiday or to rest easier in their decisions to travel, knowing they have more options than ever before.

Many people aren't aware the benefit available in having accessible rooms, but at the same time, aren't also aware that just because you require a wheelchair, doesn't necessarily mean you are required to book an accessible room.

You may still qualify for medical coverage with an existing condition

Even those who claim to be "uninsurable" might find themselves pleasantly surprised to know they can apply to have what is called a Medical Underwriting Plan - almost comically, a 'mup';

This means that existing conditions don't necessarily mean they are precluded from travel altogether!

The key to finding these solutions, like most perceived problems, is listening!

We achieved our certification with the Special Needs Group back in November of 2017, if we were to sum up one token tip for the industry and to help meet your needs - it's to listen.

Well, OK, to listen and to ask a few key questions.

The point is this: Travel is more accessible than ever - quite literally, the physical characteristics of modern ocean-faring vessels have a wide range of facilities and enhancements that make it easier for all.

While we can't guarantee we'll find an underwriting plan for everyone, we'll do our very best to continue to meet the needs of each client specific to their unique needs.

You simply have to let us ask you the right questions!

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