Natural Disaster? Secure your Travel with these 3 Tips

Natural Disaster? Secure your Travel with these 3 Tips

You've been planning an exciting trip to an exciting destination or remote corner of the globe when rogue weather or some other disaster rattles your resolve to travel. What do you do?

Ever been rained out at a BBQ? Try predicting an earthquake!

The prediction of earthquakes or other paths of destruction have proven elusive, despite many advancements of technology ...what's that joke about the weather man?

Obviously a terrible reality for those affected. We would balance that loss by reminding you of the great good travel does for growing economies around the world, bringing much needed revenues for local people and small businesses.

Further, we would advise against travel if you are simply going to get in the way of relief efforts, especially if you risk becoming someone who requires aid yourself!

Your better judgement might be necessary here, or, if you have a concern, there's never a better reason to contact your travel professional!

Show me the tips!

1. Review the Advisories

Your own government will have existing travel advisory information available and will update these advisories during times of crisis.

Your country of residence will determine which set of advisories you might follow most closely and which will be the only ones relevant to your travel coverage.

Here at Odyssean Travel we tend to check the current advisory recommendations of Canada, the US, and the UK for all new client destinations or those which have recently undergone a change / have not been visited by our clients for more than 90 days.

Here are links to those three:


United States

United Kingdom

If nothing else, you may feel more confident in your decisions for or against travel if you see that the official bodies of other nations are more or less in agreement.

2. Know your Policy

Travel insurance, don't leave home without it!

But when was the last time you had a review of your policy documents and gained an awareness of their limitations?

Force Majeure is a hard clause to get around - but you still have options if you haven't yet booked your trip or even if you've only booked in the last few days.

Look for policies which include or allow cancel for any reason. These will increase the flexibility you have in planning or in revisiting your plans should chaos on the ground become too much for your comfort, regardless of Force Majeure wording.

3. Register your Trip

Even the savviest of travellers are sometimes unaware that your local government has a registration service through which you can declare some details of your trip and to facilitate both advisory updates (see number 1.) or even accelerate the delivery of assistance.

This will benefit you before your travels and during your time away, as you will be more likely to receive official notice of a travel advisory status change and other relevant communications.

If you or your family do find yourselves in need of assistance, owing to your own well-being or even the health of family members back home, you will also benefit by sort of pre-preparing consular staff.

By sharing dates and some aspects of your planned itinerary, you could be shaving critical hours off of locating you for such news and assistance.

Have questions or concerns of your own?

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