Reasons you don't travel more | Choice

Reasons you don't travel more | Choice

The modern traveller is inundated with choice. In many instances, choice itself has become a barrier to the excitement of travel and rates among the top concerns for our clients.

When are you going to live your travel dream?

Choice is divine, you can shop for the best deal, compare itineraries, and spend every moment of your spare time reading page after page of some 10+ billion travel reviews...

Can it also be a curse?

Starting to take the fun out of travel before we've even checked the expiration on our passport

There's a problem with having too many options sometimes, especially when it comes to travel. Everything seems so incredible, we want to do it all!

But we have the limitations of our own personal realities to face.

It would be great to just quit your job and spend the next 10 years visiting every country on the planet...

...and who wouldn't love a bigger travel budget?

What about the kids, the job, the family dog, the elderly parents, the... well, the list goes on.

If we don't choose, we do nothing

We have to be practical and make best use of our time - that means figuring out what is most important in a holiday at this very time in our lives, and then figuring out how to get most of those things without killing the budget or scheduling a relentless itinerary!

There's a third step - learning to be happy with our choices:

We can't do everything, but if we don't just choose something, we do nothing.

You want to see the Pyramids, but you also want to visit that remote island yoga retreat in Tahiti that your friend recommended and which has all those great reviews...

Well. The Pyramids have been around for a few thousand years and the yoga retreat will either stay in business because it's really that great or it won't, then someone else will open a great yoga retreat somewhere else.

Break that barrier, make the choice!

The point is this, by just choosing one of the two you have broken that barrier and will live out one of your travel dreams, leaving you a whole lifetime to achieve the other!

Obviously you can have more than two travel dreams, but if you don't start living them, when will you make the time?

By not choosing, you risk never doing any of it.


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