Travel Tip Tuesday Trends for 2018

Travel Tip Tuesday Trends for 2018

Say that 10 times quickly! Following our review of Where You've Been in 2017, we're looking with bright eyes to the future and our predictions for travel trends in 2018 and beyond!

Short and sweet, we picked a short-haul, a long-haul, and two insider industry recommendations for revolutions in your travel style!

Up and coming short-haul destination - Nicaragua

Nicaragua entered our client travel list late in end of the 2017 travel season, but featured

heavily in both private and professional discussions as an already recognized up and coming place to be.

Having just shaken the perceptions of an older generation, where Nicaragua was a politically fraught climate of political issues and civil unrest, it seems time this Central American country joins Costa Rica and Panama as world class destinations of both relaxing coastal beaches and exotic inland adventure.

Further, the recovery from the 2017 hurricane season is complete for all but a few of the most heavily affected locales. It will take at least another couple of months to cement the positive perceptions of would-be travellers.

What that means for your vacation, is that travel suppliers have accelerated their plans for a more diverse portfolio or added altogether new destinations in order to meet those very perceptions.

A double win as passengers get more selection while a greater number of local economies receive a welcome boost from tourism. That includes Nicaragua.

Up and coming long-haul destination - Japan

A lot has changed for Japan during the last ten years, much of which, in more recent years anyhow, is attributed to the aggressive growth policies of so called "Abenomics" - named after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Some of the biggest shocks to an already growing market include a 19% overall increase in tourists numbers, including 10.6% and 12% growth in inbound travel from American and Canadian passengers respectively. [Are you a nerd for figures? Check them out -> HERE]

We traversed Japan over several weeks in 2010 - it has got to be among the most interesting of OECD nations, owing to its incredible foray into the futuristic while maintaining a tangible respect and knowledge of tradition we've yet to see matched.

Ride a mag-lev bullet train from the foot of Mt Fuji or high-tech Tokyo and arrive at the gates of a 1,000-year old wooden temple in Kyoto or on to the Memorial surrounding Hiroshima - all achievable in a matter of hours.

River Cruising is COMING

Doesn't matter what your travel experience might be, you need to get on a river cruise and you need to do it now!

The building styles and the technology complimenting them have all seen some improvement as the industry matures in breadth and scope.

Famously cramped rooms have started to give way to better architecture, someone finally got the great idea to position the beds so the foot-board points out the window!

Why we say you "need to go now"?

We've been paying very close attention to the industry, it seems like everyone and their dog is releasing some capacity of ship or tour on the rivers of Europe.

While we love the potential for competition and look forward to seeing what new and exciting destinations might be added following such an increase in capacity, we can't help but wonder what the practical limit might be.

This does, however, leave some room for spillover into both Southeast Asia's Mekong and the waterborne safaris of Africa!

You need to re-think your conceptions of Ocean Cruising

Only roughly 1 in 3 travellers has been on a cruise holiday, we meet people almost every day who stubbornly proclaim, "it's not for me"...

With 90 vessels on order, including 21 expedition sized ships, there will be a ship for everyone's tastes and to match all styles of travel.

Did we mention amazing new features?

The coolest on-board features we've encountered during the last few months include full, 35mph go-karting, chef's table experiences where you can disembark to a local market and select the freshest ingredients for your own executive event, and even specialist horticultural tours for those inclined to try and grow a tree on their boat!

As we see it, there are two ways to review our predictions in future: invest in yourself and experience one of these fabulous experiences or subscribe to our travel content to be notified when the predictions become a proven reality!

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