Validate your tickets, please

Validate your tickets, please

Think having a ticket in your possession is good enough? Convention in Europe asks you to think again...

As we approach the summer and many people have booked or planned their excursions to Europe, I see a great many people opting for rail travel and couldn't be more pleased. An often overlooked means of travel and delightful perspective during your holiday.

Unlike Canada, much of Europe has sprawling networks of track that allow different options for your rail needs in terms of price, speed (they have bullet-trains!), and convenience.

Without delving into too much detail that covers what many others have posted in past, I just remind you that in many instances you may think having a ticket is enough: especially considering that in many European countries (and elsewhere!) you can board the train without having encountered a ticket-inspection point or person.

Make sure you double check to validate your tickets, please! That means you may have to physically stick or slide your ticket under some sort of machine that stamps a date, time, or other identifying feature onto your paper document which activates the fare. You really can get caught out with a fine even with a ticket in your hands.

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