What is a PNR and where do I find it?

What is a PNR and where do I find it?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The world of travel is unfortunately full of abbreviations, which can lead to confusion when deciding which code is the right one at the airport or checking in online before your trip!

Checking in at the airport can feel like trying to read another language

A PNR or passenger name record is the code bestowed upon your itinerary and which links you, the holder, to your travel documents and your unique itinerary. You'll often need it in order to receive your boarding pass at the airport.

It's typically a 6-character alphanumeric code

In present day travel, we tend to find edocuments instead of printed paper ones. The PNR is typically among the first confusing pieces of information listed at the beginning of such documents.

You might also have more than one PNR for the same trip. For example, when you're visiting a number of cities or if you have booked your accommodation, cruise or tour using different travel supplier businesses.

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