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What is the Most Beautiful Hotel in the Rocky Mountains?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Not simply highest on the lists of those who'd care to visit the Rocky Mountains, the mountain town of Banff in Canada's Rockies is also the Canadian town at the highest elevation.

The picture doesn't do it justice, it's quite palatial!

Formerly known as the Banff Springs Hotel, this brilliant, castle-looking structure has been gracing the covers of Canadian travel magazines and filling mail bags from the front of postcards since 1888 when the original iteration was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Following a number of updates, upgrades, and continued construction - with a brief pause for fire and World War I - the palatial building encompasses 764 rooms and 12 restaurants. Alongside 27 holes of elk-as-a-hazard golfing excellence.

There are a number of grandiose ballrooms, meeting rooms, and generally beautiful places to snag a great holiday photo or three with family and friends.

The hotel just smell incredible, it's a real thing!

But as you might ascertain in the above 360 photo, it is perhaps an unsung hero of homegrown destination wedding venues in Canada.

Wines from neighboring BC, fashionable game meats at the luxurious dining facilities, alongside 365 days of mountain views might seem an appealing alternate for those who'd care for a bit of opulence but aren't into sand and sea for their big day.

There's also a preferred rate on golf for guests!

Rocky Mountaineer

It also features as an incredible option for several itineraries on the legendary Rocky Mountaineer, Canada's own luxury train experience and arguably the best way to view the Rockies!

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