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More about Saint Lucia

Possibly our favourite island of the Caribbean and a definite top destination for honeymooners & couples looking for a blend of exclusivity in an exotic beach destination while enjoying a diverse range of activities to enjoy outside of any resort area.

Although a little further south in the Caribbean when compared to other popular destinations, connectivity with direct flights to major hubs throughout North America continue to grow. The region also enjoys less likelihood of encounters with hurricane activity even during the peak of the season.

Practical information

Visas & travel documents

We recommend everyone planning a trip visits their government travel site for the latest information relevant to their trip:

Remember that this information can change at any time.

Please note that government guidelines may not represent the additional requirements of your airline or cruise transportation. If your passport is due to expire in the 6 months following your intended return home you risk being denied boarding / embarkation.

A passport with at least 6 months of validity beyond the date of departure from Saint Lucia will be required for all Canadian and American passport holders. Further, you may be required to provide evidence of a ticket to depart, record of accommodations booking, and evidence of sufficient funds to provide for yourself during your stay. Canadian passport holders have a single-entry limit as tourists of 42 days, we're not able to find any similar limitation for US passport holders but don't expect to be invited to stay much longer.

Saint Lucia is most popular during the winter months in North America, with many couples and families making their visit the highlight of a cooler season at home. Cruise passengers may visit throughout the year, with another peak coinciding with families enjoying school summer holidays at home. While there is less likelihood of landfall in Saint Lucia, hurricane season does exist and does affect the cloud cover and general weather of Saint Lucia during the warmer months of late spring, summer, and early autumn.

When to visit


Driving is done on the left hand side of the road and the roads themselves can be winding and tight as the island enjoys a great deal of mountainous topography. Plenty of options exist for the hire of a private driver or guided tours. For those who absolutely must drive on their own, an international driver's permit is recommended and a temporary local permit must be purchased for the duration of your stay. This can typically be purchased directly from your rental agency at the time you pick up your rental vehicle.

Getting there

By air

There are two main airports serving Saint Lucia, with the most likely point of entry for the bulk of passengers being Hewanorra International Airport (UVF). Daily flights throughout the year can be found with major carriers such as Air Canada from Toronto, United from Newark, and American from Miami. Saint Lucia also acts as a stopping off point for visitors to nearby islands of St Vincent or Martinique, among others.

By land

Saint Lucia is a relatively small island in the Caribbean and is not accessible by land.

By sea

Getting around Saint Lucia by boat is often easier than by car, making it a firm favourite for private yacht charters. Many cruise lines also visit Saint Lucia, with the majority of ships calling to port in Castries. There is rumour of a major cruise line positioning one of their ships into Castries as a home port, stay tuned for updates!


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