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We like to recommend a guided tour of Beijing, especially for first time visitors to China


The capital of China, Beijing is a monstrously large city of more than 21 million "registered residents", meaning there may be far more people present at any time or at least it may feel that way if you're finding yourself lost in translation. The city hosts a number of significant modern day and ancient landmarks popular with almost any visitor to China. From Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden CIty, right through to the controversial "Pants" building (CMG Headquarters).

For some, a stepping stone into China, for others, the focal point of an adventure in the Middle Kingdom. Beijing was once known as Peking, the namesake is reserved for airports, delicious duck dishes, and institutes of higher learning these days. You could easily get lost down a myriad of subway lines among tall buildings.

Getting there

By air

Beijing's Capital Airport (PEK) is a major stepping stone into the country for many, while the all new Beijing Daxing Airport (PKX) opened in September of 2019. Both offer rail routes into the city, plan for an unreal amount of traffic if you're travelling in a vehicle.

By land

An ever-evolving rail network is bringing Beijing together with more destinations all the time, the city's existing rail infrastructure can bring you all the way up to the hills bearing sections of the Great Wall.

By sea

Many cruise itineraries featuring China or even Asia in general name Beijing on the itinerary. Be mindful that Beijing itself is quite landlocked, lying some 120km (75 miles) northwest of the named port at Tianjin. Tianjin itself is about 60km (nearly 40 miles) from the port itself at the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port. Plan for a transfer or start your guided tour from the port area to make the most of your time in China.

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