Tainanmen Square

Things to do in

It can be busy and overwhelming here, despite the size of the square. Take a guide


For many of us brought up outside of China, the world's largest square brings different images to mind. First time visitors will quickly see trees and open spaces, plenty of domestic visitors, and possibly a tout or two selling photos or kites.

Easy to be overwhelmed when approaching via public transportation, taxis also aren't able to complete the journey directly on site, visitors will have to go through security to access the square on foot only.

Getting there

By land

Approach from the popular nearby tourist district of Wangfujing or take public transport into the square via subway. Line 1 and 2 both offer stops servicing Tiananmen Square, but you can also navigate yourself to the Forbidden City if that makes life easier! Subway stops on Line 1 are Tiananmen East or Tiananmen West, for Line 2, head for Qianmen Station.

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