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The largest city and capital of China's Yunnan province, Kunming represents the gateway into Southeast Asia from China and a significant point along the Belt and Road Project. In terms of visitor activities, it acts as a gateway or stepping stone into a unique side of China. Mountainous and subtropical, there are some 56 ethnic minorities present in the province!

The airport is relatively new and was built for a city size which won't exist for another decade or more. Which can mean convenience alongside confusion. Visitors may have an easier time launching themselves from a chain of Irish pubs across the city which boast good numbers of expatriates to share tips and tricks. Consider departing for Lijiang or Dali with some haste. World War II enthusiasts might sniff out pieces of history from the famed Kunming Flying Tigers, an American Air Force unit famed for their logistics into conflict zones over the mountain ranges of the region.

Getting there

By air

Unfortunately, flying into Kunming from connecting cities in Southeast Asia or via the larger coastal cities of Beijing and Shanghai are still the most stress-free means of gaining access to Kunming.

By land

There may be a more comfortable and convenient option for high speed rail in future, plans to connect Kunming to Singapore and Shanghai are in place. Join the Travel Society to stay abreast of developments in the region!

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