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The Saracens Head is the oldest pub in Bath, serving visitors to the historic city as far back as 1713. It is said to have hosted Charles Dickens himself during an early visit to Bath in 1835. The site sits behind St Michael's Church, just north from Bath Abbey, offering a small respite from the crowds during busier times of year.

Plenty of seating and no need for reservations, there is convenience in the pub's current location and style of service. You should note that the pub's current ownership structure places it as part of a chain or collective of pubs across the country, expect less of a family-run experience and more of a generic food and drinks service. Regardless the ownership structure, it is relatively clean, friendly, and a standard pub experience for visitors seeking to rest their feet and to enjoy a pint or two during their vacation!

Getting there

By land

As with the rest of Bath's city centre, the pub is within walking distance of many transport options. It is only a few hundred metres (yards) north from the Bath Abbey and coach tour drop off site, alongside great access to Bath Spa train station and Bath bus station.

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