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British food is delicious, ask for a recommendation to escape the mediocrity of tourist traps


We love London. As a destination, it consistently delivers amazing experiences and an incredible concentration of world-renown landmarks for visitors to easily live out their childhood dreams of Tower Bridge in the morning, high tea in the afternoon, punctuated by a visit to Buckingham Palace!

The Square Mile was once the city centre's historic footprint, today it hosts the bulk of the attractions most visitors yearn to see. All over the capital you'll find complimentary access to galleries and museums, while the variety of local events on the calendar is near-overwhelming. Want to have a pint in a 300 year old pub?

Getting there

By air

London has five airports, each with their own general crowd of passengers. Heathrow (LHR) remains the largest and busiest, while also retaining title of the "world's most connected airport". Gatwick (LGW) may come across your radar as an option from many North American destinations and can sometimes offer a savings at a cost of convenience. Step onto the continent through London Stansted (STN), while corporate and commuter lift goes via London CIty (LCY). Bringing up the rear, Luton (LTN).

By land

Classic Roman "wagon wheel" layout to the city means that many roads do lead to the centre of London, even from outside the M25 ring road. Our favourite means of getting around is via train, from any number of stations throughout the city you can hop on to the corners of England and even Scotland. Kings Cross / St Pancras Station provides a rapid route to Paris on the Eurostar.

By sea

Southampton is probably the most common point of transit for London-bound visitors who are set to enjoy a cruise on their vacation. Plan any shore excursion well, it's a little bit of a distance between the two. Elsewhere, drive onto a ferry and head for Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and more.

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