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One of the most easily observed sea birds and booby species of the Galapagos Islands, they're also among the most easily recognizable with their bright blue feet.

June and August bring the mating season, with eggs and chicks following in the next 45 days or so. Easternmost islands of the archipelago host the bulk of these birds, including Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Isabela Island, Pinzon, and Santa Cruz itself.

Getting there

Although Puerto Ayora is located on Santa Cruz Island, which is technically part of the blue footed booby's range, you may find that they're not located in or around the town itself and still require an outward journey to view the birds.

Selecting a cruise itinerary

While not a guaranteed sight of the islands when visiting by cruise, plenty of itineraries feature spots where the booby can be viewed at Espanola, Isabela Island, and Pinzon in particular.

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