FANIS Palia Istoria

Things to do in 
Food & Drink

If in doubt, just point! The seafood is unbelievably fresh


One of the best seafood restaurants we've visited. Full stop. Family owned and just off the beach, it isn't much to look at from street level, but it is a very reasonably priced place to enjoy a lunch or dinner with family & friends.

Family owned, you may see the owner or his son tending tables or behind the counter in the back. Don't be afraid to ask about the catch of the day or to even have a look at what's being prepared for tomorrow's dinner - some of the octopus or squid dishes are slow grilled over 24 hours or longer!

Getting there

By land

The local town of Korinthos is accessible from Athens via motor vehicle and train service. While train may be the most convenient way of enjoying a day trip to Korinthos, local taxi will be necessary to complete the journey.

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