Markets of Mykonos Town

Things to do in 

Maybe our favourite spot in the Cyclades!


Unbelievably colourful, the streets are brimming with clean whites juxtapose shades of brilliant blue, with the occasional red door or green of a tree. This space is, to us, one of the most remarkable in the Cyclades and a great opportunity to window shop, browse boutiques and galleries, or try out some local cuisine.

Secretly, the market areas of town here may feature higher on our "list" of local favourite destinations than the villages of Oia or Thera on Santorini. It gets busy, but there seems to be more space and fewer "influencers" queuing up for "the perfect selfie". Enjoy!

Getting there

By land

Scooters and other "beach faring" vehicles are popular, there is facility for taxi and the charter of a private vehicle. For rentals, an international driver's licence including appropriate endorsements is required.

By sea

The cruise terminal at Mykonos is nearby, plan for about 30 minutes of travel time in a vehicle or 20 to the town's pier, then enjoy a colourful walk of the remaining distance.

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