Red Beach

Things to do in 

Santorini isn't well known for its beaches, this one is sand & pebble


While Santorini is among the most well known destinations of the Greek Islands, it's not exactly famous for its beaches. Red Beach is among the only sizeable places to take a swim in the sea on the island.

There aren't many choices for food or refreshment along the beach itself, partially owing to erosion. Access by foot from the southern edges of Akrotiri is possible. Be aware that this beach is has a sort of pseudo-declaration of being "unsafe". Use at own risk.

Getting there

By land

Public transport is available to nearby Akrotiri via Thera from several points on the island, alongside taxi or private vehicle hire.

By sea

While the cruise ports are located on the opposing side of the island, facing the caldera, private boat and yacht experiences regularly feature the beach on their itineraries.

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