Venetsanos Winery

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Food & Drink

Try the sunset wine experience, maybe a sun-caramelized vintage for something unique!


On the outskirts of the village of Megalochori, a sleepy town with a penchant for great wine. This is not the most popular winery on the island but its quiet charm makes it among the favourites for our clientele. Expect welcoming staff and a great introduction to the local vintages, the food is fresh and delicious, maybe try the fresh figs and cured meats with your glass! Less popular only means less busy, the guest areas are well-appointed and the views are spectacular.

As with most of Santorini, the sunset here is spectacular. Plan to stay for at least 20-30 minutes past the actual setting of the sun and enjoy the crimson skies over the cliff's edge. You may also enjoy a tour and tasting to accompany the sunset experience. If you are visiting on a cruise, plan your return to the ship well and account for some traffic alongside the delay in peeling yourself away from the ambiance.

Getting there

By land

Arrange a private vehicle or secure a rental in advance. Local bus and taxi services are reliable. Note for rental vehicle, an international driver's licence including appropriate endorsements is required.

By sea

The old port and ferry terminal is located almost directly below the winery, while larger cruise ships will have to tender their passengers via Thera and its cable car.

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