Swimming Pigs of Exuma

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This is a full day trip from Nassau


Now world famous, the swimming pigs of Bahamas are actually located on Exuma, a fair distance by boat from Nassau. Don't expect to see them quickly on a short visit via cruise ship, such a shore trip requires a bit of planning.

Following a suspected incidence of poisoning in 2017, visitors aren't supposed to feed and interact with the pigs as was once permitted. Although they're still a highlight for many visitors to Exuma and The Bahamas in general!

Getting there

By air

Realistically it is not so convenient to visit from Nassau, you'll have to head to Exuma International Airport (GGT) first and either a smaller chartered service to the out islands or journey by boat to the uninhabited island on which the pigs live.

By land

There is no way to enjoy a visit to the island where the pigs live without a journey by boat.

By sea

If cruising to Nassau, be prepared to spend several hours commuting via power boat. More locally, a boat is still necessary but may be more leisurely enjoyed from many of the smaller islands of Exuma.

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