Half Moon Cay

Things to do in 
Half Moon Cay


The island has changed hands among cruise lines in past and guests of both Holland America Line and Carnival Cruises. It's a little further away from Miami than many of the other private cruise destinations, perhaps allowing the attraction to thrive. Winning awards for guest experiences for nearly two decades.

Among the earliest intended goals of Holland America was to preserve the natural habitat of the island. That can mean peaceful opportunities to view and enjoy a bit of nature. Balance any peaceful observation time with the island's potential to host more guests than those of its competitors, with two cruise lines calling to port here.

Getting there

By sea

Unlike other cruise line owned private island destinations, there is more than one way to get here, although both involve booking a cruise. Select Caribbean itineraries with either Holland America or Carnival can see your next vacation to the Caribbean calling in to Half Moon Cay.

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