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Rocky Mountaineer

Train travel in
Rocky Mountains of Western Canada
North America

Train tour packages may be combined with Alaskan cruise itineraries!


The key to the Rocky Mountaineer's success has been breathtaking views from a unique perspective, intimately criss-crossing the rivers and valleys which punctuate peaks of the rocky mountains. Since 1990 the company has delivered well in excess of a million passenger journeys, where the spectacular views play a huge part in each itinerary.

Each itinerary is enjoyed over several days, however there is no sleeping car or cabin on the train. Instead, guests enjoy stops among interesting towns which highlight local life in the wilds of British Columbia, Alberta, and even into Washington state.

Class of Service

Gold Leaf

A bi-level dome with seating and viewing enjoyed on the upper level while gourmet a la carte dining is delivered below, refreshments are complimentary on the train and in addition to 3-4 storytelling hosts and a full culinary team, there is a large outdoor viewing area.

Silver Leaf

A single-level, custom dome with oversized windows. Two storytelling hosts and a solo culinary member deliver great experiences and dining to your seat. As with the Gold Leaf, refreshments are inclusive on the train. There is a small outdoor viewing area also available.

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