Oct 7

Celebrity hasn't shared any new videos of the Flora, we're dying to see an official update!


Edited: Oct 7

While news on the purpose-built expedition-meets-luxury-cruise ship was reasonably free flowing in the months prior to her launch earlier this year, official releases haven't quite caught up now that we're a few months into the ship's first season in the Galapagos.


The Galapagos Islands are up on my own personal travel list, the Flora makes it look effortless. I'm really excited to see something official now that they've hosted their first thousand guests!


Celebrity Cruises has had a Galapagos footprint for some time, the stock footage in the clip below is certainly wildlife their guests have encountered on their existing and legacy vessels. Who doesn't love a marine iguana or blue-footed booby stealing the show?


I'm quite partial to the building and construction process too! Enjoy.



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