Sep 16

Syntagma Square, Changing of the Guard in beautiful 360 degrees


I caught one of the smaller ceremonial displays in beautiful 360-degree photography, hope you enjoy it! #360photo



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  • Santorini isn't exactly famous for its beaches, the towns and villages more so represent an unbelievably crisp view of day to day life or to enhanced perspective of sunsets over cliff edges and the Caldera. But if you are going to spend any time hunting down a place to dip your toes in the sea, you may enjoy Red Beach a little more than others. The rock is colourful and although it is a pebble beach, it's quite comfortable. The only real draw back is access. Unless you're arriving by sea arriving at the beach requires a car and driver or public transport into nearby Akrotiri, then finish the journey on foot via unofficial, loose rock pathways. #Santorini #RedBeachSantorini #360photography #beachesofSantorini
  • I suspect the colour and texture of the rocks around Sarakiniko were pretty cool to begin with and have only been further enhanced by eons of wind and wave. That wave action is diminished against the beach though by a cool little inlet, you can see the shape pretty well here in this image. It really breaks up the water! #Greece #Milos #SarakinikoBeach #360photo
  • I had the pleasure of visiting Santorini over two days onboard a cruise itinerary earlier in August, it really is as beautiful in person as it appears in photos! Now I believe this to be my new favourite photo. @Holly and I captured the shot over the Caldera in Santorini while visiting the village of Oia on our first day on the island. #Santorini #360photo #Oia
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