Jul 29

Floating barriers a solution for seaweed in Mexico?


I'll start by apologising for not having any photos showing what the setup looks like or better description of how the whole thing works. I'll not suggest anyone is keeping this information from the public, but it may just be a case where mitigating the impact to popular beaches has proven more time consuming than envisioned by those entities performing any removal.


The Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum regions seem most afflicted at this time, the peak of any sargassum season which might be inferred. Mexico's government has projected a rough 500,000 tons of seaweed will need to be removed over the coming weeks. There is apparently some success in mitigating how much finds its way to the beach in the deployment of specialist equipment.


The biggest single contributor to the success of any program has been the involvement of Mexico's navy, as was described in an earlier article.


Individual resorts seem to be making their own headway, but there isn't yet a single unified entity voicing success or where the future of the campaign might go. For example, the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts chain claims to have mitigated some 95% of landing by any seaweed, suggesting their Mexico properties are currently enjoying majorly clear sand beaches - though again any description of tactics is limited.

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