Dec 4, 2018

What is a PNR?


Edited: Mar 4

PNR is short for Passenger Name Record;


When you make a travel purchase, airlines and other travel suppliers tend to administer a short alpha-numeric code which associates your specific journey to you and your travel documents.


Think of it like a one-time code for your trip!


Often 6-characters in length, you'll likely need this to check in or access your booking plans online.


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  • It makes sense to scrutinize any business which asks for your personal information, especially passport details! You can't book a flight or board a cruise ship without sharing your passport information these days, but our business provides an additional level of service and helps prevent disruption with industry leading best practice. It's all too easy for miscommunication to disrupt a great trip, by initiating all passenger records with accuracy, we can help reduce the chance for any disruption later in the booking process or while you're away and enjoying your trip! The best way to achieve this accuracy is with a copy of your travel documents.
  • Any booking that involves the crossing of a border is only bookable with the appropriate travel documents, in most cases, this is a valid passport. Exceptions to this may include domestic travel where the client doesn't leave their home province or state, and occasionally travel within their own country. However, domestic travel may soon require passport documentation. We might also note that travel is often unpredictable, and circumstances may arise where a border is crossed because of unforeseen events, such as an emergency.
  • In a word, no. Once your passport has expired, it is no longer a valid document. You will not be able to use this document for travel and it should realistically be denied for any and all uses to verify your age or identification. There are some rare circumstances where an expired passport may be presented along with a current, valid passport when there are unexpired visas relevant to your journey. This is not typical to a vacation plan, however, and I'd recommend getting in touch with your travel professional immediately in order to avoid unwelcome surprises. Read more about it here
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