Jul 29

Preferred supplier partner Intrepid Travel has a single parent & single parent family program


It's all too easy to be swept up in the excitement of an all-inclusive vacation, it may certainly be among the easiest ways to package and understand value for any traveller.



Our preferred travel supplier Intrepid actually has a whole program just for solo parents and runs with a few interesting caveats to enhance the whole small group tour experience:


1. Additional family members are welcome (aunts, uncles, etc.) as long as the whole party is travelling with at least one guest under 18 years of age.


2. Children 17 and under receive a 10% reduced rate.


3. Small group size averaging 10 per departure but with max occupancy of up to 16 so things are comfortable and you can relax.


4. Your trip will be enjoyed with other single parent families! A chance for everyone to make new friends and explore together! - that's what we like here the most!


5. Safety and responsible travel are at the heart of everything Intrepid does.

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