Oct 30

When Solo Travel goes wrong: Photography


Pick the right destination, choose the right travel supplier - a reliable one! - and plan your trip well from the get go. Expect the unexpected to pop up, sure, that's part of the fun of travel. But one place where I've consistently found issues in the style is in photographing my own experiences...


Man visiting Kunming's Green Lake in China, eyes closed for a travel photoMan visiting Kunming's Green Lake in China, eyes closed for a travel photo
Photography might be the ultimate casualty of the solo travel itinerary. I just couldn't keep my eyes open here in China, I also struggled to find help snapping more than a single take or two


I resisted selfies like the plague for many, many years. I've warmed to them, trying hard not to take myself so seriously...


However, when you're on the road and on your own, sometimes they're the only way to snap a memory of a really cool destination or memorable experience. When you're travelling solo, even accosting a passerby means you don't get so many opportunities for another take!


I can never seem to keep my eyes open for the first take...

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  • I can't tell you how many of my own trips were enjoyed without a travel companion. Sometimes the result of a chaotic work schedule, other times it was a simple matter of making travel a priority when others wouldn't. Obvious highlights can include unlimited time spent doing whatever it is you want to do and not a moment wasted on anything you don't! Sounds a bit selfish, perhaps, but let's just roll with it as a benefit in this forum category. On the flip side, it can be a bit disconcerting when the unexpected pops up. Not having a trusted companion can be unsettling or even lonely when no one speaks your language. Lastly, the world of travel can seem like it's built for double-occupancy. Outside of a seat on a plane, everything from cruise cabins to hotel beds seem like they're made for two, especially the rates. What I'd like to foster here in the Travel Forum is a shared sense of adventure, with some practical advice centered on safety and comfort. You may be determined to try something on your own or dipping your toes in by joining a group. Wherever it is your heart takes you, as a part of the Explorer community, we're your trusted community for those times you need realistic suggestions and guidance.
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