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Acropolis of Athens

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People have been praying to various gods here for thousands of years and every view in the city seems to point to the Acropolis. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the ruins of several ancient temples. There's so much history going on here, there's even a charted history of the efforts made others to chart the history!

The Acropolis is most certainly the focal point of the city, rising above the rooftops of surrounding neighborhoods and lit up during the evening hours for all to see. You should visit the Acropolis at all costs if you're in Athens. Visitors to Greece's islands arriving from North America will likely have to spend a night in the city due to onward transportation links and other practical matters, why not enjoy the world renown ruins?

Planning your trip

In addition to a multi-pass for the Acropolis and neighboring attractions, you will get more out of your visit when accompanied by a professional guide. There isn't a lot of written material on signposts or elsewhere across the various ancient landmarks.

You'll find little to no shade anywhere around the ruins of the Acropolis and in the surrounding visitor grounds. Dress appropriately, wear your sunscreen, and plan to stay hydrated.

When you should go

Absolutely the focal point of the city, you should plan to visit early in the day to avoid the crowds and to escape the heat during the summer months. The Acropolis is busiest during June through August.

What else you might need

There is a ticket of admission required for entry to the grounds. A day pass for the Acropolis is available, as is a combination pass which includes a number of nearby attractions and landmarks. Advance purchase is highly recommended.

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