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Aria Resort and Casino

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Opened in 2009, the Aria is not only one of the newer properties along the Las Vegas Strip, it's one of the most technologically advanced. Sporting smartroom tech in its 4,000+ rooms and 560+ suites, touchscreens will assist you with lighting and help to keep the property's consumption down with automatically managed climate control and other cool, futuristic features.

A spacious luxury property, the 5-Star resort is home to 16 dining experiences and 10 bars over a quarter million square feet! The Aria's also a great option for those who want to lounge by the pool and make use of the full resort living concept, it sports one of the largest pool decks around.

Planning your trip

As above, there are plenty of events and live shows on rotation, but the JEWEL Nightclub on site in particular brings in a fair number of DJs and headline music acts.

When you should go

As with pretty much every other luxury resort in Vegas, it's always a good time to visit! The Aria sets itself apart in the season with a heated option among the gigantic pools complex. It's also host to the largest Forbes Five Star Spa & Salon in the United States. You might also find a great selection of Trunk Shows and other suitably themed luxury events.

What else you might need

It's a big resort, but the best rooms & suites will need a bit of lead time in your booking. Some of the smaller details are best arranged in advance as well, such as mega cabana rentals for 10+ guests, which open about 60 days in advance.

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