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A revered attraction in England's Southwest, Bath owes its name to the natural hot springs discovered and then revered by the Romans some 2,000 years ago. The site itself is interesting, with an updated museum and educational component, while the town's charm is enhanced by the volume of independent businesses, boutiques, and dining options.

Bath is the most popular day trip from London for our clientele and certainly across other demographics elsewhere. You'll love the Georgian architecture and stonework of the local buildings, the accessible town-like feel of the thriving city, and the welcoming atmosphere of truly historic landmarks.

Planning your trip

The city lies just beyond Stonehenge and Salisbury if you wanted to make a day trip of your visit. For those looking to stay a night or longer, in addition to the Christmas market, there are regular outdoor events featuring local crafts and foods. You need to enter the Roman Baths if you're visiting the city.

When you should go

Bath is a year-round destination, although busier for obvious reasons during the warmer summer months. It's also home to a rather well known Christmas market, running late-November through mid-December.

What else you might need

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