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Bayside Marketplace

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A bustling last-stop between the downtown areas of Miami and the cruise port at PortMiami. There is no beach here, only shopping & dining, with a few options for your favorite tequila-infused beverage. It's also the meeting point for a number of high-volume tours and activities, read into that as you will.

Those who enjoy the Hard Rock Cafe brand or who might enjoy a little lively stroll and shopping in the afternoon will certainly enjoy the marketplace. It's also a great spot to grab some last-minute items you forgot to pack, such as flip flops or a pair of sunglasses, but plan for practical instead of luxury shopping.

Planning your trip

Check the events roster in advance of your trip, in addition to festive and other celebrations throughout the year there is a small band shell for live music and other entertainment.

When you should go

As above, last-minute pre-cruise shoppers can conveniently fly through the outlet-style retail options. If you're boarding the Island Queen or shopping for a Harley, you're in the right place.

What else you might need

Individual opening times vary, expect some of the retail shopping to open earlier than the lunch hour while some dining options remain an afternoon or evening experience. No tickets are necessary, there is parking adjacent.

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