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A tiny village with only a few thousand residents, a set of footbridges perched over the waters flowing through town have garnered the nickname "Venice of The Cotswolds".

Pretty and picturesque, you'll enjoy a day trip visit most if you're looking for a quick snack or stroll of the shops. There are several attractions here bringing in local visitors and international guests.

Planning your trip

Stroll the water's edge and explore some of the many cafes and shops. Staying longer? Head to Birdland Park & Gardens or one of the themed local museums, such as the Model Village or the Cotswold Motoring and Toy Museum.

When you should go

Open year-round, it is busier during the warmer months of the year and especially during the afternoons on a sunny day. The village is easily accessible by car, expect a few more local visitors than other neighboring regions.

What else you might need

The village is quite accessible, meaning it is sometimes busier than neighboring towns. You won't necessarily be stuck without reservations for a snack or a quick stop, but parking and tickets to local attractions could be a consideration.

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